One Heart Services

Dear Great Spirit ~ your gifts to us are so many, when we look at them and think of them they multiply, and expand, farther and farther afield, until your gifts to us encompass the sky, and everything underneath it. Thank you, our hands are open to the sky…

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We pray – that the doors on the tops of our heads, are always inviting to you
so you will walk inside us, and join us, at the hearth of our hearts, at the seat of ourselves, in the cradle of our wombs, at the base of our bodies where we join the earth. When we speak, it will be you speaking through us, when we think, we will listen to your thoughts. When we breathe, each breath is a prayer, of enfolding you into each of our cells, our blood, and our lives become the dance, for which you have intended us.

Tunatyava        Hopi ~ “comes true, being hoped for”